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Infinite Warfare Zombies: How to Get the UFO Easter Egg


Infinite Warfare Zombies: How to Get the UFO Easter Egg

UFO Easter Egg – Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies in Spaceland

While exploring Spaceland, if you look up, you will notice a UFO crashed into the side of a mountain. It may not seem all that conspicuous, but it turns out that while it blends in, it’s not supposed to be there. Every zombie mode always has a large quest to unlock a major easter egg. Whether it’s killing an enemy made of pure energy or finding out what the heck teddy bears have to do with the horrors players face, there is always a long string of objectives to be completed, and they’re never easy, which is why they’re such highly coveted easter eggs. Zombies in Spaceland is no different, and therefore also has a long series of quests involving that odd UFO Easter egg. It start with collecting some parts, and then things get weird.

Step 1: Collect the three items scattered around the map – a calculator, an umbrella, and a beatbox radio. Each of these items have multiple spawn points that players have reported.

  • Umbrella – Can be found in first main area laying on a bench, next to the ship terminal in the Journey Into Space area, or behind the Polar Peak gift shop’s counter.
  • Calculator – Can be found on the bench near the central portal in the main area of the map, in a trash can on the upper level of the Astrocade, or on a bench next to the Chromosphere trap in Kepler’s.
  • Beatbox – Can be found on the lower bridge near the snack cart in the main area, in the underground staff room on a counter, or near Kepler’s power switch.

Step 2: Once you have all three, take them over to DJ Hasselhoff, then survive for two rounds.

Step 3: Once you clear the two rounds, return to the Hoff and he’ll give you this weird sensor item. The item will cause your screen and controller to shake as you get near certain areas. It’s random and won’t be the same area every time, so just check major areas such as the bumper karts, the staff room, the fountain, etc.

Step 4: When you enter an area that causes your screen and controller to shake, place the item down and defend the area. You’ll have to do this three times, with each time having a longer timer, and listen for a tone. You should also work on opening the Pack-A-Punch portal during this step, as you’ll need it later.

Step 5: When you hear that tone after defending the locations locate the UFO stuck in the mountain (just look up and spin around until you find it). It will start to play a series of tones and lights (kind of like the old Simon Says game), remember them.

Step 6: Return to DJ Hasselhoff and survive another two rounds.

Step 7: The DJ will now hand you a speaker system, take it and head to the Pack-A-Punch portal which you should have activated. If not, go and activate it now. There will be three golden platforms for you to play tones from the UFO, as well as a spot for the speaker system. Play the tones and at the end, everyone (if you’re playing with friends) needs to interact with the system at the same time. This will trigger the UFO, that was previously stuck, popping out and flying over you.

Step 8: Playing Simon Says with the UFO (matching the tones in previous step) will spawn a powerful Alien Boss for you to defeat. It takes a lot of damage and teleports around Spaceland a lot, so make sure you’re doing this with friends, as it’s virtually impossible to solo. Once it goes down, you’re almost in the clear.

Step 9: You will now have to fight the UFO itself, which is quite challenging as it has tracking missiles. The only way to damage it is to use the Spaceland sign. You’ll notice five blue panels on it which need to be shot (making them glow yellow). When you get all five to glow at the same time a large bolt of electricity will shock the UFO.

Step 10: With the UFO defeated, you can collect the Soul Key item in the center of the map (by the main portal). This allows for double Pack-a-Punch.

Unfortunately, we’re a bit stuck here, as is everyone else it seems. We’ll be sure to update as soon as we have more information. Make sure to check back in for more in for on Zombies in Spaceland’s Easter egg shenanigans.

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