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Hello Neighbor: What’s in the Basement


Hello Neighbor: What’s in the Basement

What is in the basement?

What’s in the Basement – Hello Neighbor

Your aim in Hello Neighbor is to discover what your new neighbor is hiding in his mysterious basement, which is suspiciously locked shut. He will do anything to stop you, and is capable of planning moves, reacting to your own tactics, and learning from your mistakes.

The original point of the game was to unlock a door in the neighbor’s living room with a code, but the goal in the updated beta is find out what is in the basement.

Once you have opened the door and descended the long stairs, you will find a very dark room with candles littering the floor and walls that illuminate small patches of the walls and floor. They light up the room just enough that you can see a small mattress on the floor in the middle of the room with a teddy bear lying on it. The walls look stained, but it is difficult to see what exactly is around the basement. Around the corner you will see a door that is slightly ajar. As you attempt to enter the next room, the screen goes black and the game’s title appears, signalling the end of this version of the Hello Neighbor open beta.

This suggests that there are still secrets to uncover in Hello Neighbor. Stay tuned to Twinfinite as we learn more.

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