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Football Manager 2017: How to Win


Football Manager 2017: How to Win

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Football Manager can be a brutal game. One moment you’ll be flying high and fighting for promotion and then suddenly you can find yourself struggling and falling very quickly. Getting back to winning ways requires focus and planning so here are a few tips to winning in Football Manager 2017.

When you start, don’t force your own favorite style of play on a team that it doesn’t suit. Don’t start asking your players to play like Barcelona when it is clear that, that doesn’t play to their strengths. Using tactics that suit your squad will make them play well sooner than if they were to have to get used to a new style. Matching your tactics to best counteract those of the opposition also helps. If you are insistent on changing your playing style then buying new players would probably be your best bet.

Happy players means a happy squad, which in turn means a happy manager. Keeping your players in good spirits is a must. Ensure they’re being played in their correct position, give them the playing time to match their squad role, and be truthful to them, just as you would in real life. That way, any complaints are solved head on and the majority of your squad will be happy and they will play with more commitment and confidence.

Take advantage of your youth squad. Prospects are a great source of quality and financial potential. Good players that you have grown will improve your team whilst players that don’t fit your philosophy can be sold to make funds for your dream addition. Maintaining a strong youth squad will ensure your future is bright.

Keeping these tips in mind will ensure you start Football Manager 17 in winning form and will help you continue that form for years and years.

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