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Does Final Fantasy XV Have PS4 Pro Support?


Does Final Fantasy XV Have PS4 Pro Support?

PS4 Pro Support – Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV is one of the biggest, most highly anticipated games of the year after its seemingly endless 10-year development cycle. With the release of the game being shortly after that of the PS4 Pro, it’s not surprising that many fans would wonder if the game will get some extra boost to performance since not all games do. Luckily enough, the game will get a bit of support to take advantage of that 4K capability.

According to an Active Time Report from earlier this month, players can expect two different ways to experience the action on their PS4 Pros:

  • 4K at 30FPS – It won’t be native 4K like some other games offer. Instead, the game will utilize the checkerboard rendering technique to achieve the higher quality images.
  • 1080p with Unlocked Framerate – The second option will be a 1080p render with a framerate varying between 45FPS-60FPS. As reported recently, the developers are pushing for a steady 60FPS on the PS4 Pro even after the release of the game. A patch is expected in December.

It’s great to see developers trying to take advantage of the new hardware while also ensuring everyone is getting the same game. Hopefully they can actually achieve that locked 60 FPS goal.

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