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Final Fantasy XV: How to Summon


Final Fantasy XV: How to Summon

Summon – Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV just wouldn’t feel right if you couldn’t summon some powerful being to help you out in a pinch. Thankfully, a large portion of the game’s plot is finding and uniting six powerful summons who helped the kings and humanity in the past to fight the darkness. However, you don’t summon in this game as you would in previous entries of the Final Fantasy franchise.

When you unlock the different beings, you’ll be able to call for assistance. Summons are granted to you as a Mark, which is a key item showing that they’ve given their blessing. You cannot equip or use this item, and it’s just there to let you know that you have the ability to receive aid from whichever ones you’ve collected. Summoning is not completely under your control. When you find yourself in a tough spot, taking lots of damage and unable to easily defeat your opponent, there is a chance that one of the summons you’ve obtained will offer its aid.

When this happens, stand still until the prompt to hold down L2/LT appears at the bottom of your screen, then hold down that button. After a few seconds, you will summon them and they’ll use a screen clearing attack as they appear in grand fashion in the middle of the world. Once done, they will place you down on the ground and leave as you marvel at the damage left in their wake.

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