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Final Fantasy XV: How to Ride a Chocobo


Final Fantasy XV: How to Ride a Chocobo

Ride a Chocobo – Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV just wouldn’t be a proper Final Fantasy if it didn’t have any adorable Chocobos. A Chocobo is basically a large chick that is very deadly if provoked, but makes a much greater steed than a horse due to its ability to traverse varied terrain. In Final Fantasy XV you can rent one of these birds after unlocking the ability fairly early in the story. Once you do unlock the ability, head to one of the rental stands scattered around the world. They’ll be marked on your map as a blue Chocobo, and they resemble yellow phone stands out in the world.

It will cost you 50 Gil per day to rent one and you can rent for a period of up to seven days. Once you do, use your whistle (tap R2/RT to bring up the menu, scroll over to Whistles, then select Chocobo Whistle) to have your ride appear right in front of you. To mount it you simply walk up and press X/A when the prompt appears. Here are the controls once you’re on one:

  • Dismount – Hold X/A
  • Move – Left Thumbstick
  • Trot (Gallop) – R2/RT
  • Halt (Stop) – L2/LT
  • Sprint – Square/X
  • Jump – Circle/B
  • Glide – Hold Circle/B after jumping
  • Drift – L2/LT

Make sure to pay attention to the stamina bar in the lower, left-hand corner of the screen. You can’t sprint when it depletes, but it will recharge as long as you’re not holding down the sprint button.

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