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Final Fantasy XV: How to Open The Locked Dungeon Doors


Final Fantasy XV: How to Open The Locked Dungeon Doors

Locked Doors – Final Fantasy XV

You may have noticed while exploring certain dungeons in Final Fantasy XV that there are these odd metal doors with a large circle on them. One of the first you’ll encounter is located in the Fociaugh Hollow dungeon where you complete the Ramuh Trial. It will be locked, with no explanation on how to open it.

It turns out that you must first beat the main story of Final Fantasy XV, after which you’ll be able to head to the Risorath Basin. It’s north of Lestallum, just east of the Vesperpool. Look for an old lady on the porch named Ezma, who will hand you the Dungeon Seal Key. It is the only way to open those locked doors found in dungeons, and kicks off the Menace Beneath Lucis quest.

Behind each door you’ll find a challenging, end-game dungeon ranging from lvl. 55 – lvl. 99. There are eight in total:

  • Balouve Mines – Lvl. 78
  • Costlemark Tower – Lvl. 99
  • Crestholm Channels – Lvl. 92
  • Daurell Caverns – Lvl. 72
  • Fociaugh Hollow – Lvl. 65
  • Greyshire Glacial Grotto – Lvl. 65
  • Keycatrich Trench – Lvl. 55
  • Steyliff Grove – Lvl. 86

If you’re done with the story and have been looking for more to do, check to see if Noctis and his friends are up to the challenges lying behind those locked doors.

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