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Final Fantasy XV: How to Level Up the Chocobo


Final Fantasy XV: How to Level Up the Chocobo


Chocobo Leveling – Final Fantasy XV

Leveling up your Chocobo can be incredibly helpful during your travels in the world of Eos. As your steed levels up, it’ll learn new abilities that can help you out in combat, or even provide you with a quick escape from a losing battle. After every four or five levels, it will get a boost to its stamina and speed levels, allowing it to run faster and sprint for longer periods of time. If you’re not a fan of driving in the game, getting around by big yellow bird should serve as a nice alternative once you’ve gained a few levels.

To level up your Chocobo, all you have to do is ride it around wherever you go. Covering distance on Chocobo-back will rack up experience points for the steed, and once you’ve covered enough, it will level up. The game will give you a pop-up notification whenever it levels up, and let you know what new abilities you’ve gained along with that level. It’s also recommended that you try to boost your Chocobo’s level and stamina a little before you start attempting races. The first race can be completed easily enough, but the subsequent ones will get much tougher, and your little feathery friend might have a tough time keeping up.

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