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Final Fantasy XV: How to Get Moogle Dolls


Final Fantasy XV: How to Get Moogle Dolls

Moogle Dolls – Final Fantasy XV

While Moogles don’t appear in Final Fantasy XV in typical fashion (sorry, no hearing “Kupo!” this time around), they aren’t completely omitted from the game. The developers created an item called a Moogle Doll, which can help players in tough fights. Using one will create a distraction, taking all attention off of the player. You won’t be handed this useful item right at the beginning, though.

As you play through the story, you’ll eventually find yourself in Lestallum where you’ll meet Gladiolus’ sister, Iris. She’ll play a large part in the story for the next few hours before she moves on to one of the final areas of the game. While you’re there in Lestallum, though, she’ll offer to take you on a tour. Accept and walk around the city, and she’ll purchase something for you but won’t tell you what it is. Now continue the story.

When you’re near the end, you’ll be granted Umbra and the ability to travel back to the open world. Head back to Lestallum where you’ll find Iris standing close to where you parked the Regalia. She’ll finally give you that gift she purchased for you, which happens to be 10 Moogle Dolls (called Moogle Plushies in-game). If you run out, simply return to Iris and she’ll mend them up for you.

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