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Dragon Ball Fusions: How to Break and Unlock Barriers


Dragon Ball Fusions: How to Break and Unlock Barriers

Barriers – Dragon Ball Fusions

The world of Dragon Ball Fusions is split up into multiple areas that are separated by invisible barriers. These barriers serve as a sort of qualifier for the main tournament and must be broken in order to be unlocked. To break these barriers, you will need to gather up a specified amount of energy. Gathering energy is fairly easy, but it requires a lot of fighting.

You collect energy – which comes in five different colors: red, blue, purple, yellow, and green – by defeating NPCs whose aura matches the color you’re looking for. However, the amount of energy you can hold is limited based on how many characters you’ve recruited and of what race. By recruiting allies, your energy cap will increase, allowing you to collect and store more of each color, therefore making it possible to break through and unlock more barriers in Dragon Ball Fusions.

The energy/race relations are:

  • Red – Saiyans
  • Blue – Earthlings
  • Purple – Outsiders
  • Yellow – Aliens
  • Green – Namekians

You don’t have to keep these races in your active party. As long as you’ve recruited them, you’ll be fine.

Now get out there and make some powerful allies so you can smash all the barriers and prove yourself as the strongest fighter to have ever lived.

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