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Dishonored 2: Low Chaos Tips and Tricks


Dishonored 2: Low Chaos Tips and Tricks

For the stealthy ones.

Know Your Bonecharms


Whether you’re doing a High or Low Chaos run in Dishonored 2, Bonecharms are extremely important because of their traits and the kind of benefits they can bring to you. For starters, don’t just dismiss corrupted Bonecharms because of the negative traits they come with. While some negative traits may be harmful to players going for kills and High Chaos, they might be more beneficial to stealthy players who try to avoid direct confrontation at every turn.

For the really sneaky players, Zephyr is the one negative trait that you’ll want to have on your Bonecharms. While it does increase the amount of damage you take from enemies, it also greatly increases your walking and running speed. This is invaluable for players who like moving around quickly and quietly. Since Low Chaos players will hardly ever get into fights anyway, the increase in damage intake shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

There are tons of other positive traits that can come with your Bonecharms as well, and don’t forget that you can stack effects when you’ve unlocked and upgraded the crafting ability.

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