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Dishonored 2: How to Get The Silence Trophy/Achievement


Dishonored 2: How to Get The Silence Trophy/Achievement

No talking please…

The Clockwork Manor is perhaps one of the most difficult levels in all of Dishonored 2, thanks to the complex level design and antagonist Jindosh constantly mocking you. However, it’s actually possible to break into his manor without the mechanical genius ever knowing you were even in his home. In order to get the “Silence” trophy, you are going to need some standard crossbow bolts or sleeping ones if you are aiming for a Low Chaos run.

Once you enter the manor, do not touch any of the levers scattered about the map. Doing this will alert Jindosh to your presence and make it impossible to gain this achievement. Start off by entering the manor and passing through the glass doors ahead of you. Look up to the skyline and shoot the glass panel with a standard crossbow bolt. Climb up there via Blink or Far Reach and continue along the scaffolding.

You will need to traverse several hallways until you reach an area with two windows that are at your level. Be careful because there are two guards hanging out there and if they spot you, Jindosh will be alerted. Knock both of the guards out once they split up and hang a right down the hallway. Open the door and head into the room with several mechanical parts scattered about.

Grab the Rewire tool and head out onto the balcony. Hang a right once you are on the balcony and follow the pipes down until you reach a balcony with a vent on the left. Enter the vent and continue down this path until you enter a room with an elevator. Take the elevator up to the next floor, making sure to side on one of the two sides. It’s possible a Clockwork Soldier will be waiting, but it’ll walk away after a minute or so.

Silently move to the other side of the room and crouch either on the platform above you or by the computer terminals. Make sure to use the Quick Save function before you pull out your crossbow and attempt to headshot Jindosh. A single bolt to the head will kill him instantly, so just take your time and aim. Once he is dead, this tricky Dishonored 2 trophy will be all yours.

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