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Dishonored 2: How to Get the Freedom Of Speech Trophy / Achievement


Dishonored 2: How to Get the Freedom Of Speech Trophy / Achievement

Save the printer, save the world.

Welcome fellow mark-bearers. Dishonored 2 is here, and we’re plunging back into the void to take back the throne of Emily Kaldwin. Of course, with a fancy new game comes a whole host of trophies/achievements., and some of them can be pretty tricky.

This one in particular isn’t that hard to grab, but you can easily miss it, and anecdotally, I’ve seen a lot of people not even come across it. Freedom Of Speech can be acquired in the first Dishonored 2 mission, A Long Day In Dunwall, when you’re escaping to the docks after being usurped by Delilah. Once you leave the safe room and reclaim your signet ring, you have to travel through a guard-infested area swarming with enemies.

It’s a long avenue with two large buildings on either side of the road which lead to the dockyard. Facing the dockyard you want to go into the building on your left, which is near the end of the avenue. On the right, you can see the huge ‘Boyle’ sign lit up in lights, but on the left, you’ll see The Dunwall Courier. This is the headquarters of the newspaper printing the news about the Crown Killer, and the location you need to get this achievement.

Once inside the building, travel up the floors to the editor’s office, taking out the guards whichever way you please. In the room with the balcony, you’ll come across a situation where a guard is pressuring the person who prints the newspaper. You need to take out the guard in a non-lethal fashion, and then talk to the printer. He will apologize for printing slander about the Empress, and ensure that the newspapers will not be silenced or coerced. The achievement should pop, and you can move on with your revenge story in Dishonored 2.

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