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Dishonored 2: High and Low Chaos Endings


Dishonored 2: High and Low Chaos Endings

Checks and balances.

Low Chaos Ending


One of the best aspects of Dishonored 2 is how the story and ending of the game will change based on how you play. If you go for a High Chaos run (killing everyone, alerting guards, etc) then your ending will be far darker than if you go for a less damaging, Low Chaos playthrough. There are quite a few differences, especially based on if you kill targets or let them live through other means, so it will take a few attempts before you see everything. We are diving deep into spoiler territory, so if you don’t want to know what’s changed then you shouldn’t continue.

If you go through the entire game with a Low Chaos score, then you will receive a happier, more optimistic ending to Emily and Corvo’s story. The citizens of Dunwall and Karnaca will have better lives free of rat or bloodfly plagues that have taken hold of both cities. She will be renamed Emily the Just and she will assume a kindlier disposition while on her throne.

Your cabinet will be shown debating at a table together, with those you haven’t killed in shackles behind them. However, the biggest change will be to Sokolov, who has set out on a great journey towards the north. Seeing you has inspired him and he has now off to further his research aboard what is presumed to be the Dreadful Wale. If you decided to kill your targets, but still received a Low Chaos ranking, then whichever faction you’ve sided with (Overseers or Howlers) will be shown taking control of Karnaca.

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