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Dishonored 2: All Safe Combination Locations Guide


Dishonored 2: All Safe Combination Locations Guide

Dishonored 2 Safe Combinations

You’ll face many locks throughout Dishonored 2, most of them hiding valuable treasures behind them. Breaking into these many safes will require codes, however, and these are randomly generated for each play. To find these combinations, you’ll have to search around the world, or just check out this guide. We’re still working through all the game’s secrets, but we’ll keep this page updated with every Dishonored 2 safe and combination location we find.


Chapter 1 Safes and Combinations

Steel Safe – This safe is found inside a building near Dunwall tower with a “For Rent” sign out front. The combination can be found behind a painting to the right of the safe.


Chapter 2 Safes and Combinations

Winslow Safe – Across from Addermire Station is a shop. You’ll find the safe on the first floor, towards the back, and underneath a set of stairs. To the left of this on a counter is a cash register. There you’ll find the combination.

Seven Scriptures Lock – The combination for this lock is found by locating the Seven Scriptures book near the safe. The note highlighting three specific scriptures will lead to the combination.

Overseer’s Office Safe – The combination is on a piece of paper on the same floor. Head to the unlit room near the Overseer office, and it will be on the desk.


Chapter 3 Safes and Combinations

Vasco’s Safe – The combination is either given to you or found on Hypatia’s assistant’s dead body.

Steel Safe – In a large office of the Addermire Institute, you’ll find this safe, and its code is on a desk across the room.

Chapter 4 Safes and Combinations

Lower Aventa District Safe – In an apartment building office found near the chapter’s start, you’ll find this safe and its combination on a blackboard just outside the room. There you’ll see the first two numbers of the combination, and you’ll just have to cycle through options to figure out the third.


Chapter 5 Safes and Combinations

Winslow Safe – This one’s a bit tricky. The safe can be found in the room of an abandoned building near the conservatory. To get the combination, you’ll have to complete a quest to deliver the Roseburrow Prototype to a Black Market merchant. After that, you’ll be able to enter his store, and inside find a note with the code.


Chapter 7 Safes and Combinations

Crematorium Safe (Past Timeline) – During your exploration of Aramis Silton’s manor, you will come across a safe in the tiny crematorium on the far left side of the building. Once you enter the room via a hole in the wall from the past, quickly switch to the future and grab the dead dog. Throw it in the furnace to your left and then switch back to the present. Doing this will take care of the Bloodflies guarding the safe, which will allow you to see the blown off safe door on the floor. Look at the numbers on the door and switch back to the past, input the code and it will open offering up some useful items.


Chapter 8 Safes and Combinations

Grand Guard Safe (The Grand Palace) – In order to find the code to the Grand Guard Safe on the bottom floor of the palace, you will need to enter the Duke’s office. This can be found on the third floor of the building in a room with a glass floor, one guard, one maid, and a dormant Clockwork Soldier. Neutralize the guards as you see fit and make your way towards the Duke’s desk. The code can be found on the left by the typewriter and bookshelf.


We’ll keep updating this as we find more combinations! Check back soon.

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