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Overwatch’s Sombra Has a Highlight Intro That Hacks Other Players During Play of the Game


Overwatch’s Sombra Has a Highlight Intro That Hacks Other Players During Play of the Game

I’mma let you finish…

Overwatch’s Sombra is now available for players to try out on the PTR and instantly players rooted around through her various highlight intros, sprays, emotes, and skins to see what was available. One of them, appropriately named “Hacking” seems innocuous at first when viewed through the main menu. Much like all the other highlight intros this one just shows off what it will look like if you managed to nab a Play of the Game with that character.

However, there is a bit of a twist to this highlight intro that will certainly surprise a lot of players for the first time, which may make it one of the funniest additions Blizzard has given us. Captured by user Philiplis in a game of 3v3, the intro starts with his teammate who’s playing Mei going through her highlight intro. Yet, halfway through the video the screen is then hacked and reveals that Sombra is the true recipient of Play of the Game.

Outside of the fact that you basically get to troll everybody via your highlight intro this addition fits perfectly with the themes and ideas leading up to her reveal at BlizzCon this year. Along with this, she has two other highlight intros that a little more standard if you aren’t feeling mean.

“Pulse” is just a more dramatic shot of Sombra activating her EMP ultimate and “Undetected” shows her cloaking and then suddenly appearing on the side of your screen. They all compliment her nicely and work will with her carefree, yet ruthless attitude. Now if you excuse us, we need to go hack some Overwatch Play of the Games for a few hours.

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