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World of Final Fantasy: How to Capture and Imprism Mirages


World of Final Fantasy: How to Capture and Imprism Mirages

Gotta Imprism them all.

World of Final Fantasy – Capture and Imprism Mirages

Capturing Mirages, or Imprisming them as the game likes to call it, is incredibly important in World of Final Fantasy as this lets you build up an army of strong monsters that you can pick and choose from to build up your Stacks. In order to capture a Mirage, first you have to encounter them in battle, and if you manage to wear them down enough, you’ll get the option to Imprism them and add them to your collection.

First up, you’ll need to have an empty Prismarium. However, you’ll also need to make sure that the Prismarium you have is suited to the Mirage that you’re trying to catch. If the item is compatible, all you have to do is weaken the Mirage, and then use the command to capture it. Even if you fail to catch the Mirage, you won’t lose your Prismarium, so no worries there.

Once you’ve met the capture requirements, hold left on the left analog stick to find the Imprism action on your quick menu and activate it.

We’ll be sure to update you once we get more specific information on how to Imprism certain Mirages in World of Final Fantasy.

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