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The Wolverine III Gets a New Title and Hand Holding Poster


The Wolverine III Gets a New Title and Hand Holding Poster

One last time.

Hugh Jackman has been Wolverine for nearly 20 years, and while each X-Men movie he’s in hasn’t always been great, he’s usually great in them. The Wolverine III is his last film (he’ll be portraying Old Man Logan), and details on it have been relatively scarce. But with New York Comic-Con on the horizon, that may change, and Jackman himself kicked it off with a tweet showing the film’s first poster and new title: Logan.

The title is a callback to Old Man Logan, the comic arc wherein Wolverine is a bitter old man trying to live a life of solitude after being brainwashed into murdering his fellow X-Men. Currently, Old Man Logan is a member of the Extraordinary X-Men, as well as the lead of his own solo comic, having been brought into official Marvel canon via the Secret Wars event of 2015. A script page from director James Mangold makes it clear that Wolverine’s healing powers have diminished over the last couple of decades, forcing him to drink to help dull the pain. Given his habit of getting into trouble, that’s not going to be good going forward. Here’s the poster, much clearer:

Logan comes to theaters on March 3, 2017.

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