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ReCore Gets Free 30 Minute Trial on Windows 10


ReCore Gets Free 30 Minute Trial on Windows 10

Try ReCore for free!

ReCore is the latest big exclusive for Microsoft’s Xbox One and Windows. If you’re interested in checking it out then you’ll be pleased to learn that a free 30 minute trial is available to download now on Windows 10. It gets even better, if you like what you play then you can purchase the game and continue where you left off.

ReCore players who have already purchased the game will also be pleased to know that a large patch is set to be released today that will, among other things, reduce the length load times for the game.

As a post on the official Recore site reads:

“We’ve continued to get great feedback as you play ReCore, and we have more good news to share. On October 5th, we’ll be releasing a significant update to ReCore for Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Windows 10.

In this update, you will experience decreased loading times, see audio and visual improvements, and notice improvements to issues you may have experienced with waypoints, achievement tracking, collision locations, checkpoints and respawn points.”

ReCore received decent reviews upon release but it was noted that the game did feel a little rough around the edges. This update and the free trial will no doubt encourage gamers who may have felt a little put off.


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