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Resident Evil – How to Drop Items


Resident Evil – How to Drop Items

So many herbs, so little space.

When it comes to looting items in Resident Evil, there is only a limited amount of space for weapons and ammo. The last thing you need when scrapping with the undead is the worry of having a full inventory all the time. Whilst you can’t actually drop items per se, there are a few handy methods that will lighten your equipment load to free up space that you may actually need.

Item boxes are the most obvious method, given that you can store whatever items you don’t need in particular save locations within the mansion. There are two located on the first floor of the mansion, one underneath the stairs in the East Wing, and the other to the west in the medical storage room. Since these are save rooms themselves, it makes sense to leave your ink ribbons in these boxes to free up a slot, unless you plan on saving the game more frequently.

Its worth noting that some items in your inventory can be useless either by themselves, or once they’ve been used. Red herbs for example are of no use on their own, yet combining them with green herbs will give either Chris or Jill 100% health, and free up some space on that weapon you’ve been eyeing up. Certain keys can also be discarded after use, with the option to do so appearing on screen once its been used. If the option appears, then the key doesn’t open any more doors, so feel free to toss it away.

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