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PlayStation VR: How to Use Cinematic Mode


PlayStation VR: How to Use Cinematic Mode

Experience your games on the big, virtual screen.

Cinematic Mode – PlayStation VR

Today marks the official release of Sony’s PlayStation VR headset. Granting players the opportunity to explore the depths of the oceans, take part in crazy robot sports, and fight it out in galactic battles, the VR headset brings with it a number of incredible experiences to behold.

However, players aren’t just limited to experiencing these new titles with their PlayStation VR. In fact, you can experience just about every game you already own through your VR headset as well as part of the Cinematic Mode.

In order to enable this mode all you have to do is put in a non-VR game into your PS4 and load it up. Wait until the game loads up and voila! You’ll be greeted with Mafia III, Uncharted 4, or whatever other game you want to play in the isolation of your VR headset. The game is displayed on what is essentially a giant floating 226-inch virtual screen, so your games look great and you won’t have to worry about any sunlight distorting the image on your TV screen anymore.

That’s all there is to using the Cinematic Mode on your PlayStation VR. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check back in with Twinfinite.

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