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PSVR: How to Recalibrate Your Headset for Brightness, Camera, and More


PSVR: How to Recalibrate Your Headset for Brightness, Camera, and More

Recalibration – PSVR

When you’re in the virtual world, you may find that your movements aren’t being tracked quite right by your PlayStation Camera. Unfortunately, this can occur due to the nature of the tech, and so every once in a while it may benefit your experience to perform a recalibration of your PSVR headset. This is particularly true if you’ve moved your setup into a different room or are just sat in a different position to usual.

In order to recalibrate your PSVR, you’ll first need to navigate over to the Settings menu of your PS4. Turn on your PSVR headset and attach it to your head as if you were about to play. Once you’re in the settings, head down to Devices and then PlayStation VR. From here you’ll find a wide variety of options and ways to tweak the image.

For example, if you’re finding things are looking a little dark, you can increase the brightness of the display. However, if you’re wanting to calibrate your VR setup for accurate movements, the settings you’ll want to complete will be as follows.

  • Adjust VR Headset Position
  • Adjust PlayStation Camera
  • Adjust Tracking Lights

Complete these three adjustments to have your PSVR recalibrated and ready to go.

That’s all there is to it if you want to recalibrate your PlayStation VR. For more tips, tricks, and guides for PSVR, be sure to check back with us at Twinfinite.

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