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Paper Mario: Color Splash – Where to Find All Green Toad Rescue Squad Members


Paper Mario: Color Splash – Where to Find All Green Toad Rescue Squad Members

Time to rescue the rescue squad.

All Green Toad Rescue Squad Member Locations – Paper Mario: Color Splash

There’s a few different Toad Rescue Squads in Paper Mario: Color Splash, and they each function to help Mario progress further in the world. The Green Rescue Squad is the first one you run into, and all six of the members of it can be found in the Indigo Underground. Here’s where you’ll find each member of the squad, so you can get across the chasm blocking your way forward.

Green Toad #1 – You can find this guy right as you enter the Indigo Underground. Two Shy Guys will be playing catch with something, which actually turns out to be the Toad himself. Just beat the enemies and then whack the Toad with your paint hammer, and you’ll be good to go.

Green Toad #2 – In the first area of the underground, use the second lift and jump to a platform on the left. The Toad on this platform is standing sideways, so he’s a little hard to see, but once you talk to him he’ll head off.

Green Toad #3 – In the second area of the underground, walk past the waterfall and pull the tape off of the pink rock. The third Toad is stuck underneath the tape.

Green Toad #4 – If you head straight south from the third Toad, you’ll notice #4 being chased around a little island by a bunch of Shy Guys. There’s a plant that extends from your side to theirs, and what you need to do is jump on the plank at the right moment so the Toad crossing over it gets launched to you. But be warned, if you accidentally launch a Shy Guy, you’ll have to battle it.

Green Toad #5 – If you stand on the second bridge of the second area you’ll spot a couple of shadows behind a waterfall. Find the right spot, and hit the Y button to use the cutout power, and out will pop the Toad and a Shy Guy. Just beat the Shy Guy to rescue the Rescue Squad member.

Green Toad #6 – You’ll find this toad in the final area of the underground. Just use the lift and hop off to the top right to enter a little alcove. Here you’ll see a horribly creepy scene of a Shy Guy bending over backwards, like in a horror movie, and attacking Mario. Just beat the weirdo and you’ll have found the final Toad.

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