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The 5 Types of Microtransactions, Ranked From Okay to Evil


The 5 Types of Microtransactions, Ranked From Okay to Evil

Which type grinds your gears the most?

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The microtransaction, the bane of modern games, the unrelenting scourge of video games that is gradually solidifying its place in the medium. There ubiquitous nature of the microtransactions means it can sometimes be tough to find games which haven’t embraced this fine example of capitalism. The business model of microtransactions is anything but micro as players are constantly asked to part with their hard-earned cash.

Clash of Clans microtransaction

The frequent nature of these transactions can amount to a significant sum and if left unchecked those small purchases can easily become monstrous. One thing which cannot be denied is this gradual siphoning of cash from your wallet works. As long as it continues to generate money published and developers will continue to implement features which capitalize on your desire for virtual items. So here’s a list which explores they types of microtransactions and ranks them from “Best” to “Worst”.

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