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Mafia III: How to Rob Stores


Mafia III: How to Rob Stores

How to Rob Stores in Mafia III

Mafia III is all about crime, whether it’s preventing the crimes of others or committing a few of your own. One of the crimes in the game is robbery. You can go into stores and rob them for their cash or weapons. Of course, there is always the risk of getting caught and having to deal with police, but you can avoid this by being a smart thief, not a reckless one.

Walking into a store won’t usually cause suspicion since you can potentially be just a paying customer. However, if you cross a certain point in the shop, usually by going behind the counter holding the cash register, you will begin to draw suspicion. Actively looting it will raise the alarm, sending everyone calling for the police.

You have several options here. You can look for stores where the shop owner is alone and knock them out with stealth and loot the register and any other containers in the shop (using Intel View will highlight anything of value). Alternatively, you can kill the shop owner, though do so at your own risk. It can often be more trouble than it’s worth, and people react more strongly to murder than you just stealing.

If you’re feeling extra bold, you can grab the money from the cash register without harming anyone and make a mad dash for it.

There really isn’t much to how you rob stores in Mafia III. It’s a gamble of sorts, as some stores have very little money, while others can have a lot, adding a risk/reward element to the whole affair. You can be a respectable gangster that leaves hard-working civilians alone, or be a jerk and take everything you see. The city of New Bordeaux is yours to do with as you please.

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