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Is Horizon: Zero Dawn Coming to PC?


Is Horizon: Zero Dawn Coming to PC?

Horizon: Zero Dawn has PS4 players hotly anticipating the start of 2017. With its beautiful open world environments, interesting concept, and unique enemies, players will assume the role of Aloy as she explores this foreign landscape and seeks out its dangers.

While the game is exclusively releasing on the PS4, many players have been wondering if we could see the title releasing on PC. In short, the answer seems to be no.

Though none of the development team seems to have commented on whether the title could come to PC, the game’s website clearly states that the title is coming “exclusively for the PlayStation 4.”

Further evidence to suggest that Horizon: Zero Dawn will remain a PS4 exclusive is Guerilla Games’ status as a first-party developer and subsidiary of Sony Interactive Entertainment. Having focused solely on the Killzone series since 2004, all of these titles have released on PlayStation platforms only and as a first party developer, this is unlikely to change.

The game is due to make use of the PlayStation 4 Pro’s additional power, with 4K resolution, and HDR compatibility to boot.

While it’s never impossible that we’d see Horizon: Zero Dawn come to PC at a later date, all evidence suggests that if you want to play the upcoming open world action game you’re going to be playing it on PS4.

Horizon is due to release on Feb. 28, 2017.

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