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Gwent: How to Get Scraps and What They Do


Gwent: How to Get Scraps and What They Do

Scraps – Gwent the Witcher Card Game

Scraps are one of two currencies in CD Projekt Red’s standalone Gwent game. If you don’t want to spend money on buying card kegs (card packs), they’ll be essential to expanding your collection. Namely, they can be used to craft new cards from your Collection page, so here’s all the ways to get them.

First off, you can get Scraps by winning games against non-AI opponents. Each win will move you a notch along your progress bar, and progression will grant you rewards. Often, these bonuses will be scraps, though they can be Ore or kegs as well.

If you don’t find yourself winning too often, you can still stock up on this item by getting Good Games from your opponent. At the end of each match, both players are given the opportunity to send their opponent a GG, and this GG comes with a small gift that’s either 5 Scraps or 5 Ore.

Once you reach level three, you’ll also be able to mill, AKA destroy, your existing cards for some Scraps.

There may be ways to acquire Scraps through Gwent’s single player campaign, or more methods to acquire the currency may be added in the future. We’ll update this page should any new Scrap methods arrive.

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