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GTA V Halloween Update: What’s New

gta lcc halloween motorcycle

GTA V Halloween Update: What’s New

Halloween 2016 – Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V may have released back in 2013, but that won’t stop Rockstar from throwing a bit of October fun into the mix this year. A new Halloween event is in store for GTA V, bringing holiday vehicles and a new game mode in a GTA Online update this Friday, October 28.

First up, Lost vs. Damned is dropping in this Friday’s Halloween update. This Adversary Mode pits a team of devils against a team of angels, but most notable are the effects of the match’s day and night cycle. Angels receive stronger weapons and increased health and armor during the day, with devils receiving the same benefits at night. Upping the chaos is the fact that the mode switches between the two every 60 seconds.

We’re also getting a spooky version of the LCC Sanctus motorcycle in GTA Online; you can check it out in all its glowing skull glory in the image above. A series of Halloween vehicles and items from last year will also be dropping by, though we don’t know exactly what yet.

More details on the event will be dropping this Friday, October 28, so stay tuned to Twinfinite for more on GTA V’s Halloween goodies.


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