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Gears of War 4: Where to Find All Collectibles


Gears of War 4: Where to Find All Collectibles

Gotta grab ’em all

Just like the previous games in the series, Gears of War 4 tasks players with picking up a number of different collectibles on their mission against the Swarm. Ranging from the COG tags of fallen allies to newspaper cuttings, these collectibles will often provide a bit of extra backstory to the proceedings. Other times, they’re just extra bits to keep you coming back for more.

There are 50 collectibles to be found in Gears of War 4 all spread across the different acts in the game. Here are all of their locations below.


#1 – The first collectible is a UIR security report which can be found in the very first part of the prologue where you’re retrieving the Hammer of Dawn from Aspho Fields. Once you’ve cleared out the turret nest with a grenade, head straight through and look for the room straight across from you as you head into the courtyard. The collectible is on the table.

#2 – From where you found the first collectible, turn to your right and head down. If you look over to your left you’ll see a large stone wall. Walk to the far side until you find the body of a fellow COG soldier. Their COG tags are the second collectible for you to grab.

#3 – This third collectible is found once you’ve taken down the turret nest and opened the door to the next area. The enemy will run out of a locked door that opens as you approach. Don’t just take them down and continue on, head inside and turn left to find the third collectible hanging on the wall.

#4 – This one is found in the next section of the prologue where you’re fighting the Corpser. As you’re looking at the huge creature, look over to your left and you should see a little shack of a building. Head inside here to find collectible number four waiting for you.

#5 – In the same chapter, run past the van with the Hammer of Dawn in and up the stairs. Turn left and keep running down here until you find the body next to a pillar. Grab their COG tags for collectible five.

#6 – This collectible can easily be missed. Rather than climbing straight up the ladders in the third chapter of the prologue, instead turn left and look to the left of the tank. There’s a set of COG tags on the floor, but there’s no body nearby. Look out for the flash on the floor to spot them.

#7 – Before chainsawing through the doorway to help defend the wall, quickly look at the table to your right. The collectible is on here.

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