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EVE: Valkyrie – What Salvage Is and How to Get It


EVE: Valkyrie – What Salvage Is and How to Get It

Scraps and scraps.

Salvage – EVE: Valkyrie

If you’ve jumped into the multiplayer aerial dogfight that is EVE: Valkyrie, then you may have noticed that in order to build some of the biggest and best ships you’ll need something called Salvage.

This is basically a load of scrap metal and other materials that you can use to craft yourself new ships and upgrades. You’ll also need Silver, but you’ll earn this as a reward for completing a battle. This works in a very similar way, although there are ways to get even more of the precious materials.

When you’ve finished a battle, the total salvage collected by your whole team is then shared between all players on the team. However, in order to actually get out there and get some for your team’s haul, you’ll need to collect it. It can be spotted when you’re flying around space by its distinct green glow. Simply fly over to it to pick it up. Of course, the more you pick up the greater your team’s haul. Therefore, if you want to ensure you’re getting the most Salvage from each match you’ll want to ensure that no only you’re picking up as much of the stuff as possible but that your team is too.

Another way of grabbing the precious loot is by heading into the Chronicles section of EVE: Valkyrie. This is the single player area of the game and it includes a number of different modes for you to refine your skills before heading into multiplayer. The mode you’re concerned with here is Scout. This allows you to freely explore any of the maps in the game which just so happen to also have Salvage containers stashed away. Shoot the container open and pick up the loot to get yourself additional materials for your crafting needs.

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