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Civilization VI: How to Change City Names


Civilization VI: How to Change City Names

Change City Names – Civilization VI

Civilization VI will let you settle down your civilization across cities. These can be founded from the bottom to the top, and can be customized how you see fit to rule over your people. Civilization V used to understand that half the fun is in imagining, so you were totally allowed to change the name of your cities to whatever you’d like. My empires were a bunch of Miami locations, for example.

Changing a city name in Civilization VI, unfortunately, isn’t possible. It’s not very clear why the developers would take this option out, as it was a cute way for players to express themselves (especially online). Nonetheless, its exclusion is dearly missed. You can, however, change a unit’s name. That can be done by leveling them up enough times to be able to select “Edit Name.” From here, you can either type your own name for the unit, or ask for a random one. You just need to make sure your units stay alive long enough, first.

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