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Are Pokemon Sun and Moon Coming to PC?


Are Pokemon Sun and Moon Coming to PC?

Pokemon Sun and Moon is looming ever closer, and the new demo is not making the wait any easier. Players are preparing themselves to be the best Pokemon trainers that the Alola Islands have ever seen. Of course, it’s common knowledge that the mainline Pokemon games, which is an umbrella that these two games fall under, are Nintendo handheld exclusives since the days of the Game Boy. However, that doesn’t mean that PC players wouldn’t want to get in on the craze, which has some fans wondering whether or not they will see the upcoming titles on PC.

Officially, the answer is a definite no. You can rest assured that Nintendo will not even consider porting either of the two games to any other platform, not even their own consoles. Mobile titles may be a thing, but as far as the big exclusives, those are kept strictly in-house. Unofficially, though, there is always the possibility. Roms are a thing that exist, even if they aren’t legal. Players manage to hack into game files and make them work on PCs, then upload them for others to play.

There are already several links up for Roms of the games, although they may just provide the demo for the time being. Still, that means that chances are the full games won’t follow too far behind their release. Nintendo Roms appear to be quite common, especially when compared to the competition’s exclusive releases.

So while you definitely shouldn’t expect any retail copies of Pokemon Sun and Moon for PC or a Steam Store Page, you will most likely be able to play if you find yourself being a pirate.

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