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Lords of the Fallen: How to Equip and Use the Gauntlet


Lords of the Fallen: How to Equip and Use the Gauntlet

Equip and Use Gauntlet – Lords of the Fallen

When you find the Gauntlet early on in Lords of the Fallen, the game will pop up a brief tutorial on how to use it. If you happened to miss that tutorial, like we did at first, here’s how to use the Gauntlet to cast magical attacks.

First things first, head to your inventory to set up the Gauntlet. Select the Gauntlet icon, then choose from the available styles, either blast, explosive, or projectile. Blast will knock enemies back, and with runes can add effects like poison blasts and healing blasts. Explosive will charge and throw an AoE bomb, and runes can add different effects to the bomb, such as fire damage or splitting. Projectile will shoot missiles at an enemy, and runes will add effects like shield piercing and increasing the chances of item drops.

Exit your inventory menu, then hit the Triangle button on PlayStation and Y on Xbox to equip it. As your off hand item, it will take the place of your shield.

To use the Gauntlet, hit L2/LT and use the left arrow to cycle through spells.

That’s all you need to know about using Gauntlets in Lords of the Fallen, so get out there and start blowing s*** up.

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