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How to Fix “Query Failed” Error for Destiny: Rise of Iron


How to Fix “Query Failed” Error for Destiny: Rise of Iron

Bungie let loose Destiny’s Rise of Iron expansion last night, and a slew of issues ran free along with it. Launch was plagued with quite a few server issues, and it seems Xbox players are having troubles with just buying the expansion.

If you’re an Xbox One Destiny player, you may have wandered over to the Xbox Store to purchase Rise of Iron. Here, it says the expansion is only available through the Collection bundle. If you already own Destiny’s previous content, however, that’s far from what you’re looking to buy.

Heading into the game, you’ll be able to see a yellow Rise of Iron logo on your map. Click this, and the expansion’s trailer will play, and after you’ll be prompted to buy Rise of Iron (for the correct expansion price). Clicking to confirm this, unfortunately brings up the following message for many players:


“Query failed. Could not establish connection to Xbox game store. New Silver purchases will update when you next sign”

Bungie has yet to respond to this error in their known issues thread, but a couple of players have found solutions that may work for you. User Olivaman realized they were attempting to purchase the expansion on the wrong account. Switching to the account Destiny was originally licensed to allowed them to purchase Rise of Iron normally.


Other users, like VyhktorScorp69, are finding success by reinstalling the game entirely: “I had to uninstall all of my Destiny installation, reboot my console, and start to reinstall. I selected all the addons and added those to the queue as well. Then I went back to the home screen, and there was a tile with the “See what happened to the fallen lords” and a picture of Rise of Iron on it. I clicked it and it took me to the $30 version of the Rise of Iron, not the bundled one. The pre order code I got from GameStop gave me a $30 Microsoft credit – so I could buy the expansion.”
If neither of these solutions work for you, your best bet as of now is to wait. Bungie is still investigating various problems, and the Query Failed error may be fixed in the near future.
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