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How Bungie Is Making Destiny: Rise of Iron Accessible and Fun for Solo Players

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How Bungie Is Making Destiny: Rise of Iron Accessible and Fun for Solo Players

Lone wolves can still become badasses.

As much as Destiny’s raids and competitive events promote a team-based playstyle, Bungie wants to ensure solo players have plenty to enjoy in the game’s upcoming Rise of Iron expansion. That means making adjustments to some of the end game content, as Community Manager Deej shared recently.

“Lone wolves are welcome in our living social world,” Deej told Paul Semel in an interview. “We’ve even made adjustments to the paths that lead to the top of the power scale to accommodate players who prefer to go it alone.”

That’s not to say you can conquer the universe alone. Raids will still require the help of a team, Deej added, “but there are many ways to become the ultimate badass in the solar system without any help from a Fireteam. The endgame rituals that lead to your newfound status as an Iron Lord are open to all.”

In recent news, Bungie revealed weapon and exotic balances coming with Rise of Iron’s pre-patch update 2.4.0, set to hit later today, including a huge nerf to Touch of Malice. You can read up on all the patch notes here.

For newcomers to Destiny, Bungie also announced that the Rise of Iron expansion will include a level boost to help Guardians get straight into the action. If you’re just jumping into the game, check out our recap of Destiny’s not-so-obvious story so far.

Destiny: Rise of Iron hits PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Sept. 20.

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