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Firewatch: How to Get Out of Brian’s Hideout


Firewatch: How to Get Out of Brian’s Hideout

Stuck in Brian’s Hideout in Firewatch? You’re not the only one. A lot of players get seemingly stranded here, so here’s what you need to do to get out.

First up, make sure you’ve collected everything inside the hideout. More specifically, take a look at Brian’s table. Lift up a sign, and you’ll see a set of pitons. These are used to set anchors into rock faces or other surfaces, allowing you to set up a rope in new places.

Now, continue past the hideout. You’ll eventually find a set of rocks up a slight path, and one with a prominent crack in it. You’ll be able to anchor a piton here, and lower yourself out of the area. Ta da! You’ve finally escaped Brian’s hideout.

These anchors will come in handy as you continue to explore the world of Firewatch; luckily, you’ll have unlimited use of them moving forward.

Good luck on your watch!

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