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FIFA 17: How to Train


FIFA 17: How to Train

Practice makes perfect.

Training – FIFA 17

Practice mode in FIFA is important for players that want to improve their all around play, or focus on specific aspects of their play. Over the past few years, the ways in which you can train have increased dramatically with the introduction of skill games.

To access the practice area of FIFA 17, scroll along to the ‘Play’ section of the main menu and down to the bottom left tile that should say Skill Games. Here you can start playing the skill games and by moving the right stick you can scroll to ‘Practice Arena’. In the practice arena, you play as an assigned player (Messi is the default option) against a goalkeeper. By pressing up on the d-pad, you can practice free kicks from wherever you are in the arena. The arena is helpful for improving your finishing and one-on-one skills.

Alternatively, you can enter the skill games in which you are tasked with getting high scores. There are skill games for shooting, passing, dribbling, goalkeeping, and more. The games get increasingly more difficult and require more skill. Skill games are also helpful for improving your basic skills but the higher levels ones can be difficult.

Practice mode and arena mode are essential for improving your basic skills in FIFA 17.

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