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PS4 Pro: Everything We Know So Far


PS4 Pro: Everything We Know So Far

The NEO is here, and it’s called the Pro.

4K and High Dynamic Range (HDR) Gaming


The PS4 Pro will support 4K and HDR gaming, allowing for unprecedented visual acuity that could truly usher gaming into the future. Games on the Ps4 Pro will run faster and smoother, as well as have the very best visuals that developers can squeeze out of the hardware. The best part is that fans won’t have to necessarily wait for future releases to take advantage of these new visuals when the machine finally comes out.

Developers will have the ability to update current releases to fully utilize the PS4 Pro’s specs in order to deliver an amazing visual experience. Sony has also requested that developers consider how they can take advantage of the new hardware whenever developing a game, so games work on the Standard PS4 (which is now the Slim) as well as the Pro, yet still offer some more oomph on the stronger machine.

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