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Destiny: Rise of Iron – Light Level Needed to Play


Destiny: Rise of Iron – Light Level Needed to Play

Rise of Iron is the latest major expansion to Bungie’s shared-world shooter, Destiny. Players will suit up their Gaurdians and venture into a new part of the Cosmodrome on planet Earth as they fight to push back the SIVA virus and the Fallen House of Devils. Like all expansions before it, Rise of Iron ups the challenge for those seeking to eradicate the Darkness, so you’ll want to keep an eye on your Light Level.

Right now, the current cap to your Light Level is 335, but that will go up to 385 with the new expansion. That being said, The Taken King did not require maxed out Guardian’s to begin to tackle its challenges, so chances are that Rise of Iron won’t either. Considering how important the Light Level will be for the raid, though, you’ll probably not want to be under-leveled when starting out. The first mission has a recommended light level of 280 meaning you should have at least 260 Light. However, if you want to have an easier time, try to hit around 300 if possible.

The raid, Wrath of the Machine, does have a set recommended Light Level of 360. That’s pretty high, and it means you’ll need to be at least 340 Light to dive in. Definitely try to be closer if you can because it will not be easy.

Get out there and increase your power Guardians, the darkness is rising. Do everything you can to strengthen your Legend, and take out the dangerous Fallen.

Safe travels, Guardian.

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