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Destiny: Rise of Iron – Are There New Subclasses?


Destiny: Rise of Iron – Are There New Subclasses?

Subclasses – Destiny: Rise of Iron

While Rise of Iron definitely introduces a lot of new features and mechanics to Destiny as a whole, it will not be adding in any additional subclasses for the Titan, Warlock, or Hunter. Many fans were hoping for something new since the last major, game-changing expansion, The Taken King, brought along new burns and abilities for each class.

While you won’t get new subclasses, that doesn’t mean you’ll be stuck playing the same way. Artifacts will offer passive and active abilities that can help you mold how you use your favorite Guardians and their respective classes. You’ll have perks that alter mobility, provide unprecedented defenses, or make you a powerhouse capable of clearing threats with ease. There will also be new weapons and armor that will bring some new mechanics into the fold as well.

So, while you may not be getting something completely brand new, you will definitely be able to experience Destiny: Rise of Iron in a way you haven’t before.

Safe travels, Guardians.

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