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Destiny: Rise of Iron – All Dead Ghost Locations


Destiny: Rise of Iron – All Dead Ghost Locations

Eyes up, Guardian.


Destiny Rise of Iron

With the release of Destiny: Rise of Iron, 39 new Dead Ghosts have been added to various parts of the game. 8 of the new Ghosts can be found scattered across PVE zones and missions, while the other 31 are littered around PVP maps within the Crucible. We’ve put together a list of each and every Dead Ghost location in Rise of Iron and have broken them down by each mission and Crucible map in which you can find them.

Felwinter Peak

Ghost Fragment: The Dark Age 3 – This Dead Ghost is the easiest to find as it can be found at the direct center of the new social area, Felwinter Peak. Simply circle around the fire pit until you see it laying on the ground.


The Walls Come Down

Ghost Fragment: Mysteries 3 –
When first spawning into the mission, look toward your right and you will see a large ketch. Head to the ketch, however stop just before you have the ability to jump onto it. Inside one of the nearby cars you’ll discover this Dead Ghost.

Ghost Fragment: Old Russia 4 – Upon reaching The Divide section of the map you will notice a large building to your left. Make your way up on top of the building and you’ll notice a lamp post also on your left. Jump to the post and you will find the third Ghost hidden away up here.

Ghost Fragment: Fallen 5 – Just before entering the new hole created by the Fallen in the Rocketyard, you will see a ledge hanging just above it. The final Ghost of this mission can be found on this platform.


The Plaguelands

Ghost Fragment: Ghosts 2 –
The only new Ghost in this mission is found in Bunker Triglav after going through Lord’s Watch. After entering the room where you need to destroy the generators, make a right and get to the second floor. Look up and there will be a pipe on the wall where you’ll find the Ghost.


Download Complete

Ghost Fragment: Clovis Bray 2 –
The fourth mission in Rise of Iron on Mars holds this Dead Ghost. After dropping down the elevator shaft, enter the room and turn right. There will be a section of computer terminals. Search behind these terminals to find the Ghost.


The Iron Tomb

Ghost Fragment: Rasputin 6 –
Continue until you reach the end of the mission where you drop down a large tunnel into an underground area. Progress forward, but stop as soon as you reach the beginning of the bridge. Look down and to your right and you’ll find the Ghost laying on the ground.


The Plaguelands Patrol

Legends and Mysteries: Rezyl Azzir –
Begin the patrol and make your way to The Archon’s Keep. Upon reaching the area, follow the lava path to your left all the way to the edge of the water. Peek over the ledge and look to the left to find a hidden cave. The Ghost can be found in the back left of this cave.

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