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Dear Esther: Landmark Edition – All Urn Locations


Dear Esther: Landmark Edition – All Urn Locations

Searching for urns.

Dear Esther: Landmark Edition contains a couple of new urns available for players to uncover as they explore the island. They won’t grant you anything special in the game upon discovering them, but they will get you a nice achievement/trophy depending on what console you’re playing on.

Finding the urns can be quite difficult thanks to their neutral colors and small size. To make things a little bit easier for you, we’ve given you a quick description of where to find each one. There’s an urn in each of the four chapters of the game, so as soon as you’ve found one you can speed onto the next chapter.

The urn in chapter one is right by the stone circle. As you start heading up a hill you should spot a bunch of rocks standing on their ends in a circle. Simply head to the right of the circle and up a hill slightly and you’ll find the urn on some dirt by a rock.

In chapter two, once you’ve found the old cottage at the top of the hill, make your way down the side of the mountain. You want to take the path that hugs the side of the mountain and looks to be taking you down toward the beach where nothing of particular interest is. Once the path begins to trail off a bit, keep following it right up to the shoreline and in this slight clearing of sand among the rocks and tall grass you’ll find the urn.

Chapter three’s urn can be found right by the underground river. Simply head over the bridge as you enter this area and head all the way to the right. The urn is right by the wall on your left toward the end of this cave area.

The fourth and final urn can be found on the beach once you’ve walked past the area covered in candles and photographs. You should spot some lines of wooden posts. Head towards these and stand in the third gap from the back. Walk up towards the mountainside and you should spot the urn spilled open on the ground.

In order to get the achievement/trophy to pop, you’ll need to wait for each urn’s ashes to blow in the wind. Once this has happened, you can rest assured that the game has acknowledged your discovery of the urn.

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