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Here’s the Enormous Full List of Music You Can Play in Final Fantasy XV’s Car

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Here’s the Enormous Full List of Music You Can Play in Final Fantasy XV’s Car

Holy cow, that is a lot of songs.

One of the main features of Final Fantasy XV is the “road trip” that Noctis and is pals go on in the game. As such, the gang has access to a car know as the Regalia, that they use to cruise around the world of Eos. You can’t exactly go on a road trip without some tunes though, and Final Fantasy XV has a huge list of music from across the Final Fantasy series that you’ll be able to play over the Regalia’s radio.

There are plenty of tracks from every mainline Final Fantasy game, along with spinoffs like Type-0 and Dissidia, and even some original compositions from XV. The list was revealed in Square Enix’s latest Active Time Report about the game, and translated to English by Final Fantasy World and Novacrystallis. Take a look at everything down below. Most of the tracks listed can be obtained from shops within the world of Final Fantasy XV.

Final Fantasy Original Soundtrack

Opening Theme
Main Theme
Matoya’s Cave
Mt. Gulg
Sunken Shrine
Castle Cornelia

Final Fantasy II Original Soundtrack

Battle Theme 1
The Rebel Army
Main Theme
Castle Pandemonium
Battle Theme 2
Chocobo Theme
Tower of the Magi
The Imperial Army

Final Fantasy III Original Soundtrack

Battle 1
Eternal Wind
Battle 2
The Crystal Tower
This is the Last Battle -1-
This is the Last Battle -2-
This is the Last Battle -3-
Aria, the Maiden of Water
Crystal Cave
The Boundless Ocean
Let Me Know the Truth

Final Fantasy IV Original Soundtrack

The Red Wings
Main Theme of Final Fantasy IV
Battle 1
Battle With the Four Fiends
The Final Battle
Theme of Love
Within the Giant
Battle 2
Troian Beauty
The Airship
Tower of Zot
Another Moon

Final Fantasy V Original Soundtrack

Main Theme of Final Fantasy V
Battle 1
Battle 2
Battle at the Big Bridge
The Decisive Battle
Home, Sweet Home
Four Hearts
Mambo de Chocobo
Victory Fanfare
The Dawn Warriors
The Final Battle
Library of Ancients
The Airship
A New World
In Search of Light

Final Fantasy VI Original Soundtrack

The Decisive Battle
Terra’s Theme
Battle to the Death
Searching for Friends
Dancing Mad
Celes’s Theme
Locke’s Theme
Protect the Espers!
Edgar & Sabin’s Theme
The Airship Blackjack
Kefka’s Tower

Final Fantasy VII Original Soundtrack

Opening – Bombing Mission
Let the Battles Begin!
Fight On!
Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII
Aerith’s Theme
One-Winged Angel
Judgment Day
The Chase
Rufus’s Welcoming Ceremony
Gold Saucer
Cosmo Canyon
The Highwind Takes to the Skies

Final Fantasy VIII Original Soundtrack

Liberi Fatali
Don’t be Afraid
The Landing
Force Your Way
The Man with the Machine Gun
Fisherman’s Horizon
Maybe I’m a Lion
The Extreme
Waltz for the Moon
Blue Fields
Shuffle or Boogie
Find Your Way
The Oath
Ride On
The Castle

Final Fantasy IX Original Soundtrack

A Place to Call Home
Battle 1
Battle 2
Roses of May
Not Alone
The Final Battle
Behind the Door
Over the Hill
Something to protect
Vamo’ alla flamenco
Swords of Fury
Festival of the Hunt
The Darkness of Eternity
Vivi’s Theme
Dark City Treno
Iifa, the Ancient Tree of Life
Ipsen’s Castle
Aboard the Hilda Garde
Dagger Cuts Her Hair

Final Fantasy X Original Soundtrack

Battle Theme
Thunder Plains
A Fleeting Dream
Fight With Seymour
Mi’ihen Highroad
Blitz Off
A Contest of Aeons
Final Battle
Spira Unplugged
Movement In Green
Via Purifico
Servants of the Mountain

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