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5 Ways Microsoft Won This Generation


5 Ways Microsoft Won This Generation

Microsoft has turned the Xbox ship around and steered it into the light.

Everyone’s moving a lot closer to that mid-generation mark thanks to the PS4 Pro, the first generation 8.5 console, releasing in just under two months. This has everyone getting into the generation 9 mindset already, and starting to decide who this current period belongs to. Nintendo is unfortunately not a part of the conversation thanks to some serious trouble surrounding the Wii U. So much trouble, in fact, that Nintendo is diving right into gen 9 way ahead of its fellow “Big Three” members with the NX.

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However, there’s still a discussion to be had concerning Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PS4. There are strong arguments to be made for each company this generation, even after all of the snafus that the gaming community has bore witness to. We’ve come up with five ways you can say that Microsoft won this time around with the Xbox One.

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