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Which of These 5 No Man’s Sky Players Are You?


Which of These 5 No Man’s Sky Players Are You?

Move out the way, pirate.

One Track Mind

no man's sky 6

Leading up to the release of No Man’s Sky, Hello Games shared one of the ultimate goals of the game: reach the center of its impossibly large universe, something that could potentially take hundreds of hours. If you’re of the “One Track Mind” club, then you’re most certainly up for the challenge.

You have one goal, and that’s to see the center as fast as humanly possible. It’s mysterious, unknown, and you must go there. Sure there’s a beautiful universe all around you, but that can wait until later. For now it’s all about collecting all the elements needed to craft some Warp Cells, finding Black Holes, and just gunning it with no care for anything else. Maybe when you finally reach your goal, it’ll be time to stop and smell the roses (hopefully checking them first to make sure they aren’t poisonous). But, for now, there’s no sense trying to stop you. The Center is calling. 

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