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Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate: How to Get Crystals


Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate: How to Get Crystals

Crystals are a valuabel resource in Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate that can be used to purchase the ‘Big Star’ weapons in shops, which can be developed into incredibly powerful pieces of equipment.

Getting crystals is simple enough, but it might require a little bit of training on your part. First off, you’ll need to be playing on either Normal, Hard or Chaos difficulty as crystals won’t appear on Easy. You’ll need to use True Triple Attacks to kill enemies, either mobs or officers in order to get crystals. The True Triple Attack is marked by the blue gauge under your character’s portraits and the musuo bar, and once it’s flashing you can unleash an attack with L2+R2 that uses all three of your selected characters.

Certain things will up the likelihood of getting crystals from enemies. Playing on higher difficulties, having higher level characters, and especially maxing the bonds between each character. Killing officers with a Triple attack also has a higher chance than just killing normal foot soldiers.

While this is the primary way to get crystals, there’s a few other alternatives as well. You can download and play an uploaded Musou battlefield, and then post an evaluation to receive one crystal. Gauntlet Mode also works well for getting the resource as you can receive some when you turn in quests for character’s Mystic Weapons, and you might even find Big Star weapons in the mode that you can sell.

There’s the few different options you have for obtaining crystals in Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate. Just spend a little time training up your characters and their bonds and you should be raking those crystals in before you know it.

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