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Velocity 2X Developers Are Working on a PSVR Game

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Velocity 2X Developers Are Working on a PSVR Game

They promise it’ll be “very pretty and very cool.”

The next game from FuturLab, the developer behind 2014’s Velocity 2X, is headed to PlayStation VR, the studio announced today.

“We were approached by Sony last year to come up with a distinctly FuturLab concept for their shiny new hardware peripheral. No, it’s not a hardware peripheral, it’s a portal into a completely new medium.”

FuturLab remained mum on the details, saying they won’t reveal more “until it’s ready to show.” The timing for that might not be too far off, though, as the dev said that the full game reveal will “probably” come at some point later this year. That being said, the developer couched expectations a bit by adding that the reveal won’t happen unless the game is completely ready for a public unveiling.

The only promises Futurlab was willing to make about the game are that “it’s very pretty and very cool.” The team did say that it has “learned a ton” working in VR and that it’s yet to have a single player be hit by the dreaded motion sickness problems that have afflicted players of many VR titles.


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