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The Sims FreePlay: How to Have a Baby


The Sims FreePlay: How to Have a Baby

The Sims FreePlay is every fan’s mobile solution for some on-the-go Sims action. Naturally, the game ports over many of the PC version’s features, including having a baby and starting up a sim family. However, how you get one in FreePlay is very different than it regularly is.

In order to have a baby, you need to first and foremost get married to someone, so get to courting someone and getting engaged. Next, you need to purchase a crib from the Children’s Store (which needs to be unlocked, so get to leveling and buy that store up first). What’s the difference between the crib prices? The more expensive the crib, the faster your sim baby will arrive. After you place the crib, wait the time for your new baby to arrive. After it does, you can tap on it to customize its gender, appearance, and name.

If you ever want to have another child, just place another crib. However, you need to level up again after your first one in order to add another. You’re all set, though! Have all of the babies!

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