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The Sims FreePlay: How to Get Married


The Sims FreePlay: How to Get Married

The Sims FreePlay is all about mobile sims, so naturally, you’re going to be able to do a lot of what you can do in the PC games. Getting married is one such action. However, how you do it in this mobile version differs from the original game.

If you want to marry two of your sims, they’ll first need to be partners. That is to say that their social status needs to say “Partners.” Once you have a relationship at that level between two sims (takes a whole lot of talking, flirting, and other interactions, to then get to partners), you’ll be able to propose. Once you tap that option on the sim, you’ll have a choice among rings. Keep in mind that the more expensive the ring, the less odds of you getting rejected. So, you know, don’t be cheap.

If the sim accepts, you’re engaged! Once your sims are engaged, it’s time to move them in together. The next step is all about keeping them romantic with each other. Make them “be romantic” long enough to fill up that new engagement bar, and they’ll be ready to take things up a notch and finally get hitched. Simply select the “Get Married” option and voila, you’ll be all married up.

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