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Quake Champions Gameplay Debut Looks Skill-Based, Frenetic, and Oh So Satisfying


Quake Champions Gameplay Debut Looks Skill-Based, Frenetic, and Oh So Satisfying

Quake is back!

Bethesda and id Software debuted a gameplay trailer for Quake Champions at the fittingly apt QuakeCon today. They have also announced that the game will enter open beta sometime in 2017.

With this video, you can see that the series’ renowned fast gameplay and rocket jumps are back in Quake Champions. In addition to that, there will be no loadouts or limit to how many weapons you can carry with you. Bethesda states in the YouTube description, “You’ll have an aresenal of powerful and unique weapons, each of which will feel familiar to long-time Quake players.” From what the trailer has shown and what Bethesda has stated, it seems that this will be a traditional arena shooter with a blend of new and old characters.

Graphics fanatics should also be happy to know that the game is running at 120hz with unlocked framerates on the QuakeCon showfloor.

Quake Champions is a game that has been developed for esports and will be accessible for professional and amateurs alike, according to the game’s initial press release. QuakeCon will continue its tradition to showcase the series’ history with the esports phenomenon during the Quake Live Duel Masters Championship and Quake World TDM 2on2 Open over the coming days. You can watch it on their first and secondary Twitch streams. The schedule for these two events can be viewed on the QuakeCon website.

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